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1967-now on: "Organisations d'espaces"

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In the Organisations d'espaces, the artist utilizes larger and more specialized mediums with each new work (parts of industrial cranes, scaffolding, tree plantings, video projection, the dropping of blocks of ice by helicopter, the setting off of avalanches) to either reveal or correct the hidden meaning of each selected space. The spaces themselves vary from a museum gallery to a construction site to a valley, and in each case the project is presented with the aid of a map.

In the utopic project concerning the Seine Valley, the installation of apparatus able to warn people in cities when pollution levels are high was proposed (in a town like Paris, this was finally done, but only twenty years later). The creation of "permanent information centers" was also proposed, in which any kind of information would have been available at any time, with the possibility for anyone to give his opinion, to express his ideas on any subject (this is a rather fair description of how the Web now looks like).

Some of these projects were realized:
"Cour de l'Ecole Polytechnique,", Paris, May 6th 1967 (Fr version)
"Lunds Konsthall", Sweden, september-october 1967 (En version)
"Musée Galliéra", Paris, april 1968 (Fr version)
"Galerie Yvon Lambert", Paris, april 1968 (Fr version)
"Piestany park", czecho-slovakia, june-october 1969 (En version)
"Dordrecht", Pays-Bas, june-september 1971 (Fr version)
"Grand Palais", Paris, may-september 1972 (Fr version)
"Transpalette, Emmetrop", Bourges, may-july 2003
"Le Plateau / Frac IDF", Paris, december 2005 - february 2006

Some were not, like:
"Hommage à Le Nôtre", 1967 (Fr version)
"Cour ducale du castello Sforzesco", Milan, Italie, march 1969 (Fr version)
"Snow covered valley in the mountains", september 1969 (En version)
"Arnhem", Pays-Bas, 1970 (Fr version)
"Montparnasse station", Paris, France, october 8th 1970 (En version)
"Station de sports d'hiver", february 1970 (Fr version)
"Cays", Buenos-Aires, Argentine, october 1970 (Fr version)
"Vesuvius", Italy, 1972 (En version)