[Since 1967]

In the Organisations d'espaces (Organised spaces), the artist utilizes larger and more specialized mediums for each new work (parts of industrial cranes, scaffolding, tree plantings, video projection, droppings of blocks of ice by helicopter, the setting off of avalanches,etc.) to either reveal or correct the meaning of each selected space. The spaces themselves vary from a museum gallery to a construction site or to a valley. In each case, (except for post-2000 Organised spaces) a project, realized or not, is presented with the aid of a plan.

Organisation of the space of the Lunds Konsthall courtyard - Sweden / september-october 1967 - Jean-Michel Sanejouand

« Lunds Konsthall » [Lund - Sweden] - 1967

Organisation of spaces n°1 and n°2 in the Yvon Lambert gallery in Paris in April 1968 - Jean-Michel Sanejouand

« Yvon Lambert gallery » [Paris - France] - 1968

Organisation of a space Piestany park czecho-slovakia - june-october 1969  - Jean-Michel Sanejouand

« Piestany park » [Czecho-Slovakia] - 1969

Plan for the organisation of the space of a snow covered valley in the mountains - september 1969

« Snow covered valley in the mountains » - 1969

Plan for the organisation of the space of the site located where the old Montparnasse station used to stand - october 8th 1970

« Montparnasse station » [Paris - France] - 1970

Plan for the organisation of the space at the summit of Vesuvius - 1972 - Jean-Michel Sanejouand

« The summit of Vesuvius » [Italy] - 1972