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Organisation of a space Piestany park (czecho-slovakia)
june-october 1969

A LONG (400 meters) NARROW (4 meters) SPACE

It was a construction site between a river bank and a park.

It comprised FOUR PARTS.

1/ A CONCRETE STRUCTURE OPEN ON ONE SIDE shaped as a U laid out on its side 2,30 m high 3,50 m deep and 220 m long.

2/ A SMALL TUNNEL of identical section 10 m long.

3/ AN OPEN PART 77 long SHUT OFF ON ONE SIDE only (river side) by a 2,40 m brick wall with a 4 m wide reinforced concrete slab floor.

4/ A completely OPEN 103 m long PART with only a floor of rough cast concrete.

The organisation of this space was achieved by SETTING UP throughout PART 3 METAL AND TIMBER FORM ELEMENTS PAINTED IN MAT BLACK.

The normal path was thus interrupted by a long perspective of inclined tubes.

This installation made it possible on resumption of work quickly to complete work on the site.