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1963 : "Topo's game"

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Rules of the Topo's game

Two players A and B located on either side of a square area on which are drawn parallel lines:
6 lines "dotted" cut into 7 equal strips playground.
A continuous line behind which are rows 8 stones of the player B.
The game pieces = 2 sets of 8 stones (each set assembles stones of the same family or the same color or the same source, etc.).

Player A distributes on the game field his eight stones in the way he believes, from his point of view, the most satisfying, regardless of dotted lines that are just as landmarks: this is the first blow of the game.

Player B considers that distribution of its views (diametrically opposed). If it suits him, the game is over. Otherwise, he places one of his plays where he wants on the field. This is the second blow.

He creates then a new configuration that receives or not an approval of the player A. This one will react by changing its original configuration but he can move only one of his pieces.
The game continues like this, step by step.
Players can replay the same pieces as many times as they wish. Player B can not return to his reserves (behind the continuous line) a piece that came out.

There is no winner nor loser:
the game continues until the 2 players-partners realize a configuration of the stones which fully satisfy them, the one and the other, each on his point of view. These games are scattered in number of places (roadsides, fields, homes, etc.). The stones can be searched and selected by each player.